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This course aims to introduce the trainees to Java technology and the Java ecosystems in general, and the Java Standard Edition in particular.

This course will enable the trainees to do the following:

  • Understand the different components of the Java technology and Java ecosystems, such as Java Standard Edition (JavaSE), Java Enterprise Edition (JavaEE), Spring Framework, SpringBoot, JVM languages, and Android.
  • Know the major Java IDE’s and how to choose the right IDE for their day-to-day work.
  • Understand and/or use the Java core tools and environment, such as JDK, JRE, JVM, Heap, profiler.
  • Understand and implement Apache Maven.
  • Learn and implement the core Java SE programming components and libraries, which includes:

      • Fundamentals.
      • Object-Oriented Programming and best practices.
      • Exception Handling.
      • Collections.
      • Threading.
      • Standard API.
      • The new features introduced in every version, such as Lambda expressions, streams API, generics, and auto-boxing/unboxing.
      • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).

Course Details

Contact Hours:

30 Hours.

Target Audience:

Software developers from all levels.


Basic knowledge and experience in any programming language such as C, C++, or Python.

Expected Results:

After finishing the course, the trainees will be able to develop end-to-end console-based applications using Java Standard Edition.

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